The Chicatella

Chicatella:  a moveable porcelain-toned talking doll originating from Porto de Galhinas, Brazil, later resting in Morro de Sao Paolo.  Handcrafted beginning 1921, the responsible group or sector of Brazil has yet to be honored with the Chicatella doll’s first appearance.  Yet, the moveable porcelain-toned talking features are just the second most attractive point.  This doll stretches its boundaries to include all races.  Being the most life-like of any inanimate object, does often fool the human eye.  They are even more picturesque than the town that gave birth to them.  What’s even more striking is how uncalculated the sounds are.  Dependent upon the physical position of the Chicatella, this figure may as well sing The Body Electric.   The Chicatella embodies human hair with a spirit of its own.  And, it’s solar powered.

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