Rough Hands (on my body)

Rough hands

Want to touch my body

They must think

I am somebody

But I am somebody

They must see my insides


May be they need some lotion

For all this locomotion

Guess I have a potion

Imagine that, What a notion

Play with my emotion

Take me on some fun rides


Rough hands

How can they see

The other side of me

Rough hands

They must be

What I don’t want to be

Rough hands

Rough hands

Just don’t scratch my back

The way I turn away

 May cause a heart attack


 I say

I am somebody

Just watch me touch

My body

It’s all about my body

Rough hands

They have a body

I know they have a body

Because everybody

Wants to be somebody

And I am somebody

With a body

That’s wanted by somebody

With Rough Hands



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