Show, but better to tell

Showing true love

Let me put it in words

As they look from above

Life dares create the melody of birds


Such harmony from one

No choir can relate

When all has been given and done

Eyes closed swaying to fate


Dressed for the occasion

Ready for come what may

Crystal blue is the persuasion

When the moon lets the sun shine everyday



Rattles the earth

Voice of reason is the token

Bringing to life new birth


Though good to show

It’s best to know

A simple gesture can fester

Then placed in a drawer of Chester


If time should stifle me

I pray my deed was done

That I lived in reality

And yet not on the run


The creatures in the sky

Lowers features most high

Cover our pain

For their supper, they sing for rain


So if my voice brings you to tears

I hope they’re from joy

Gone are your fears

To share life with a boy

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