He’s Got The Case Of The Itch

Oh so sexual

But metro-sexual

He can leap big bounds

Even on hallowed grounds


Change it

Then drop a dime

Haters think

It’s all sublime



He’s got the case of the itch

Looking finer than a bitch



Watch him flip the switch


In case you didn’t hear

He’s not like King Lear

He won’t give it all away

He needs something to sway


If there’s a daughter

In the water

He could have taken a drink

With so much ass

In his class

It’s got to make one think


Cause he can drop it

And pop it

And nobody can stop it

He can keep his hand in his hair

While his feet are in the air



But who can blame him

When they all want to shame him

As pretty as a photo

Don’t see him just as some-hoe



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