Congratulations, Love

Congratulations, Love

I see your dreams have all come true

I remember the nights we sat up together

Creating a plan

Trying to figure out who was going to

be paid first

and how we could get an extension

for something else

it was tough

But we made it through

I remember the nights you would call

And tell me how your study group was all

getting together for drinks afterward

And if I could set your plate in the microwave

You couldn’t tell me what time you would be home

because you were trying to make a good impression

on your new friends

I remember the impression you made on me

Back then

I’ll never forget telling you I Love You

and feeling like the whole room you were in

was cheering me on

It didn’t matter that I couldn’t hear you

say it back

My My My how the years have gone by

Four years or 96 months

I don’t know how a mom would say it

You got your dream job

Your dream relationship, yeah I know her

Your dream car


It took me eight months to figure out

your drawers were getting empty

And I understand she’s expecting

Man, you really have it all

I remember when we said we would be together


For better or for worse

Anyone could imagine what came first

For me

Then again, it looks like you got the better

And now all your dreams have come true

I still remember the plan we made together

The passion we put into every action

But it was the action you put into your passion

that has got us here today

I want to thank you

I want to thank you

for teaching me how unselfish I have been

Knowing that I give all of me

And it’s okay to want something back

And it’s okay to want it back in someone else

But it’ll be okay

I’ll be okay

Wish you well

Oh, I do wish you both well

If what they say is true,

what comes around goes around

I’m glad we never were able to continue

the line you just started

I could never see a child of mine getting hurt

like I was

I don’t know what I would do

What’s even worse, you told her about me

Well, Congratulations

I’m really glad things worked out for you


P.S. Now it’s time to pay up

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