Flowers in his hair

As the song plays

We remember the days

We didn’t have a care

Like the flowers in his hair


We always knew what time it was

Even when we didn’t

But boy, what a buzz we had

Before we knew what it really meant


Dickie was our friend

You could say he had a special flair

All the neighborhood kin

Knew him as the boy with flowers in his hair


Where one went

So did the other

Even when our rent was spent

Richie looked out for a brother


He never had a care in the world

And kept a smile on his face

How could he give so many necklaces of pearls

When he never even left his place


But Dickie was our friend

Long before they called for Dick

The strongest man’s wrist would bend

In our presence as a trick


Dickie had our backs

And my how the people would stare

His painted on jeans or dark, baggy slacks

Made them forget the flowers in his hair


And the song plays on…



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