Your Thousand Words

What good are a thousand words

When I can’t say them the way

I want to say them to you?

What meaning could you possibly get

without my voice in front of them?

How many different ways

Could I ever display

Before you get dismayed

Or think you’ve been played?

Tell me,

Have you ever done the same

To somebody you prayed for?


What good are a thousand words

If you can’t understand

That they are my solemn vow to you

Without ever raising or chasing my tone

Causing you to be alone?


A thousand words

Could turn to curds

Even sung by birds

If they are never heard


The thousands of others

Captured and released lovers

Weren’t worthy of your presence

Though I can’t give you presents

This is my confession

Your love has taught me a lesson


A thousand words

Would be too many to sing

But if I cut them into thirds

Still, would it be joy they bring?


But how about I say three of them

Every day

A different way

Even while we play

Before I go away

I still mean I’ll stay

Cause at home is where I want to pray

And lay

After I bring you a tray

Of your favorite foods and ask you if you’re okay

Before I hear you say

Stay by me always



I’ll save some words

For other songs

I want you to hear and not fear

Making more rights instead of wrongs

From sun up to dark

Walking hand in hand in the park


Don’t fault me

If I can’t keep score

I just want to be

Your thousand words and much, much more


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