Like No one Knows

You can hide yourself in a sweater

If it makes you feel better

You can even change

your voice on the phone

not the usual choice

when you’re all alone


Watch the box

 with a spliff

forget about the hard knocks

spacefully, give yourself a lift

best to do nothing

than an aggrevated something


And you can do all this

And hope it never shows, like no one knows


You can say, “I Love You”

But who would ever say it’s true

Sign your name

For wealth and fame

Think it’s all so lame

You see


Drive around in the car

That you need to take you very far

The things you do

Just to stay in touch

If only they really knew

Even saying hello is a bit too much


And you can do all this

In the midst of all their bliss

And hope they never show

 like no one will ever know

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