Like Somebody Other Than Myself

Six pills left

Until I see him next

I wish I didn’t have to

I hope I get lost this time


Standing there

Before the crowd

It’s just me

But there’s somebody else

 they wish to see


Will I say the right thing

Will I talk like I can sing

Will my hands and legs move and grove

So they can’t tell I can soothe


But I can’t do anymore

Than my body is alive for

I can’t be anything or anybody else

Like somebody other than myself


Playing this game

Just a symptom before a name

How do I let my real feelings show

Keep ‘em guessing or throw a blow


Seeking my end result

Though speaking to the leader of a cult

No generic for me

Need a taste of false reality


And when I go to cash them in

Shopping spree I’m ready to spend

A mental life lets it begin

Soon the bank will be my best friend



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