Feel Me Like 16

I’ll always be a child at heart

You could have guessed that from the start

So curious about life and such

Hold me down that’s way too much


You even thought I was a smoker

Talked back to you like a choker

Left my room before the middle of the night

Lost track of time and gave you quite a fright


I should expect you to be mean

Even in public asking you for green

Please keep your emotions lean

But remember to feel me like 16


I know you want me to grow up

Save myself from an empty cup

But I know about my great role models

Who didn’t find love in tall glass bottles


Dreams of my wedding day and diamond rings

Those just weren’t my things

I just want to love and have fun

Not looking back and on the run


Baby dolls and cute ponytails

Playing make believe had you on the rails

My conversations on the telephone

Made you wonder if I was all alone


I expect you to look after me

Even after I’m not a teen

Try and see my reality

And feel me like I’m still 16


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