All I ever wanted

Why did it amaze you

when you said I could do

things that others couldn’t do?

And, how did I surprise you

when I asked for your birthday

if you wanted something blue?


All I ever wanted was you


Why did I have to call you

six or seven times

Just to hear you say, “Get a clue”

that I was just way out of line


But I’m fine

I’m fine


Watch your friends come over

without an invitation

Like they were your four left clover

and I was just another tv station


I changed

I changed


Fought my hardest for alone time

Just to share my thoughts with you

It was best I became a mime

Or something fresh, shiny, and new


You made me pray

Should I stay?


All I ever wanted

was to be in the mix

To get some kicks

And sing along with your crowd

All I ever wanted

Was to weather the storm

And help keep your body warm

Show the world I was proud


Shattered my dreams

You should have seen my screams


All I ever wanted

was you





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