The Night Before

I just had to pull your hair

While you were sitting there in that chair

Such a vision to me

You make my destiny


Even now, the way you smell

Knocks me down and rings my bell

Oh, you’re good enough to eat

Like an ice cream sandwich and cookie treat


I can still see the way you moved

You smiled that smile the way you grooved

I’ll never forget being on the dance floor

And the love we made the night before


As a matter of speaking

Lord knows if I’m not tweaking

You really had them going

Even made me worth knowing


It didn’t matter what you wore

You rocked that line and settled the score

But in case they want a little more

Let’s do it again like the night before


You made me snap my fingers

Loud enough to drown back-up singers

Believe I even touched the floor

I didn’t do that the night before


Felt I had to give a little something

Couldn’t just stare at you and do nothing

You took my hand and you gave a whole lot more

Can you do it again like the night before?


I even let off a hand clap

The crowd went wild when you fell on my lap

You took me all over the world

When you showed the crowd you were my girl

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