At 7:15

Standing room only

A stage just for one

It’s true that only the lonely

Has a continuous run


Telling jokes and getting smiles

Even the laughs can be mean

Come nighttime are the trials

Lights go out at 7:15


Cheers and applause

Sometimes cut so deep

Break all the rules make your own laws

Pray to God your soul to keep


Like clockwork it’s a rut

Praying for fame and fortune like a teen

When the time has come, there’s but

Look and listen for your cue at 7:15


Is there someone

You’d like to pay homage to

Then again, there’s really no one

Who can do the things you do


At least you think it’s true


Give and receive

It all comes in green

The show must go on and you must deceive

Trying to sell your soul at 7:15



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