Love is above the law

What family

cannot walk up two flights

to my journey’s fine end


they come and go for me

Yet they do go

They allow collectors

my telephone number

Before they themselves call

Abandon is

the child they should have named after me

Such a bright smile

with purest joy

He’s family

A man dictates

in her own home

It’s his family now

The betrayal

of pleasuring to know someone


Family man

Wherefore art the others

who shed their blood

for blood

No photos please

Idle group hugs

appalls the High Priestess

until she can crop the photo

Can on something

end these Lycans

before they spread

Not even the moon wants to shine

without the sun

when they go on

Two flights too much

Like making a space trek

beyond their zone

Careful is the Bible

that opens to God’s favorite

Even it can blaspheme toward her

And them

Who keep focus on her

It is a right

to be a part of what

you helped create

Invisible contract that is signed in blood

No copies made

Only memories

And promises

None kept

Some kept

Most were broken


Try and again

Time and again

See hope falter

Feel fire

The winning vote

crumbled up in the wastebasket

where you name can be read

like a 30 year old mag

And there you sit

in the corner

Waiting for your name to be called


And more waiting

Then wrong number

Hope runs across the room

and appears

It’s late when Patience knocks

It’s late

Lights out

Turn the lights out

Be very quiet

You hold on to waiting

And don’t let go

Even when all the lights go out


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