TTBoy Says:

TTBoys Flower

TTBoy Says:  When you see “1hr. 20 minutes” and “120 minutes,” they’re different.


TTBoy Says:  You can’t give anything to God and you can’t take anything from God.  What He gives you

                        is for you to cultivate and make it grow the best you can.


TTBoy Says:  Life is for the living, but some of the dead would like to be in that position.


TTBoy Says:  “Girl, Interrupted” and “Imitation of Life” are two really great message movies.


TTBoy Says:  If red meat and pork is so bad for you, why do people who have never eaten it still die?


TTBoy Says:  Music is Music and Talent is Talent.  Why did Prince feel the need to stop being

                       commercial just for the sake of religion?


TTBoy Says:  Is it pride that makes people who need Food Stamps not ask for them?


TTBoy Says:  Are Stage Mothers and Fathers considered Pimps even if the child doesn’t win?


TTBoy Says:  People can store memories in boxes but still believe they can run from their past.


TTBoy Says:  Is Kerry Washington the new Halle Berry?


TTBoy Says:  Doctors are really drug dealers who eventually drive users into addiction.


TTBoy Says:    Is Samuel L. Jackson richer than Denzel Washington?


TTBoy Says:  Is “Dinosaur BBQ” really the best restaurant in Syracuse, New York?


TTBoy Says:  The Best Shopping Mall in the United States has to be Lenox Mall in Atlanta, Georgia.


TTBoy Says:  How could anybody believe that somewhere in the world, somebody isn’t so sinister to

                        use chemicals to kill its own people?


TTBoy Says:  “Roar” or “Applause?”  They both are very catchy.


TTBoy Says:  Is it really best to never turn down a job interview…under any circumstances?


TTBoy Says:  Why is it that so many people don’t believe they’re mentally ill?


TTBoy Says:  Eminem has to be the greatest rapper that ever lived.


TTBoy Says:  Have you ever played “Knock-Out” before you grew up?


TTBoy Says:  Whatever happened to Billy Squire?


TTBoy Says:  Long-hair or Short-hair…everyone will always have their opinion.


TTBoy Says:  Why do most Pharmacists look so unhappy?  Could it be that they’re using the wrong



TTBoy Says:  Are doctors not supposed to have model personalities in the examining room?


TTBoy Says:  Zyrtec will always perform better than Clairitin.  And Allegra.  And Sudafed.


TTBoy Says:  When will Kristen Stewart ever stop using makeup?


TTBoy Says:  When a therapist tells you he has his own issues, believe him.


TTBoy Says:  When will Serena Williams really get the respect she deserves?


TTBoy Says:  Dr. Dre or Ice Cube?  Neither.  I’d prefer Queen Latifah.


TTBoy Says:  Khakis should be appropriate for every occasion.


TTBoy Says:  Some people should just not wear clothing.  Under any circumstances.


TTBoy Says:  People would question a man for wearing a tuxedo for no reason.  But they wouldn’t

                       question finding a ten dollar bill on the ground?


TTBoy Says:  John Boehner must be scared of direct confrontation of his competence.


TTBoy Says:  Cat Stevens will always be more controversial than Bob Dylan.


TTBoy Says:  Lana Del Rey is as beautiful as Katy Perry.


TTBoy Says:  People Magazine doesn’t really poll Americans on the “Most Beautiful Person.”


TTBoy Says:  Cancer is Cancer.  What kind is really irrelevant.  You can still die from it.


TTBoy Says:  When will we ever stop using the term “Customer Service?”


TTBoy Says:  How is the Dallas Cowboys America’s Favorite Team?  Does America really Show-Boat?


TTBoy Says:  When will guys stop getting married whenever they sign a contract into Sports?


TTBoy Says:  Is Jack Johnson a better songwriter than John Mayer?


TTBoy Says:  Is John Mayer really depressed?


TTBoy Says:  Can a depressed woman have an orgasm?  Just ask a woman in the porn industry.


TTBoy Says:  In a bar fight, I still think Pink could take Gretchen Wilson.


TTBoy Says:  If you don’t want them looked at, cover them up.


TTBoy Says:  Men, stop buying roses if you don’t know the meaning of the colors.  Women, know

                        their history and stop being so easy.


TTBoy Says:  Women, start sending flowers to men and see how they like it.


TTBoy Says:  There is a price to pay for Ettiquette School.


TTBoy Says:  There’s a price to pay for not going to any school.


TTBoy Says:  Most people don’t know when they’re being taken advantage of.


TTBoy Says:  Billboard Magazine is probably fraudulent and bases results on their likeability.


TTBoy Says:  When will we ever see the flip-flop version of “The Bodyguard?”


TTBoy Says:  Black people can get skin cancer.


TTBoy Says:  If you’re appealing, don’t expect not to be touched at a Nudist Camp event.


TTBoy Says:  An ugly personality is an ugly personality.  It has nothing to do with having sex as long as

                        you can’t speak during it.


TTBoy Says:  “Heids” does have the Best Hot Dogs in the World!


TTBoy Says:  There is a cure for AIDS.  It’s just that enough people haven’t died of it yet.


TTBoy Says:  Manolo Blahnik or Louboutin?  Let’s go with Gucci.


TTBoy Says:  Will Alexis Bittar ever have a SALE?


TTBoy Says:  “Interview” Magazine discriminates against short writers.


TTBoy Says:  “Ebony Magazine” discriminates against writers.


TTBoy Says:  Sandra Bernhard is still gay.


TTBoy Says:  Shepard Smith probably is gay too.  He just can’t spell it.


TTBoy Says:  George Zimmerman’s wife had to know he was racist before his historic event.


TTBoy Says:  Why isn’t it appropriate for men to scream…but it is for women?


TTBoy Says:  The Lohan family is still crazier than Amanda Bynes.  Sorry, Amanda.


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