Kathy Ball

What makes her do
the things she does
All the voices in her head ring true
Maybe, it’s just because

She’s been living in her own world
Playing make believe and hide and seek
But now that her life has unfurled
it’s hard to get the truth to speak

Kathy Ball
has taken a fall
Down the ladder’s silver platter
Up against the wall
She has taken her last bow
Someway, she’ll make (last) her last curtain call

She always knew it wouldn’t last
Going so fast with her past
Playing games
Naming names that caused others more shame
Knowing right from wrong
Acting strong
Lashing out way too long
Handcuffed to the same old song

What caused the riff in her tide
that she couldn’t hide
Was the love of another
A woman even her own husband saw in her mother

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