TOPS Friendly Market and their ‘Nana Pudding is as good as Blue Bell


Remember the story, “How Blue Bell turned me into a ‘Nana Pudding Junkie?” We’ll, I just found its rival, TOPS’ Banana Pudding ice cream..

If Blue Bell had their own store, it would mean so much. Since visiting in Upstate New York, I searched high and low for the World’s Best Ice Cream. Apparently, from what I was told, Blue Belk had no immediate plans to expand their product to the northeastern states. Even the grocery chain, Publix, couldn’t be found north. Publix had its own ice cream. So, why can’t Blue Bell? Once a Junkie, always a Junkie.

I’m not just an ice cream junkie, I’m a ‘Nana Pudding junkie. Yeah, I do love ‘Snickers’ ice cream and the occasional French Vanilla ice cream. But Banana Pudding ice cream forces you to either Live it or Hate it.

One night, I walked into TOPS Friendly Market in a hunt for a new guilty pleasure. I had tried and appreciated “Friendly’s” ice cream. Even “Breyer’s” was pretty good. But TOPS was having a sale on its own product. After locating the section, I almost fainted.

There it was! Banana Pudding ice cream, TOPS Premium Banana Pudding ice cream. On Sale! I told myself it couldn’t be that bad…at least it was ‘Premium!’ Then again, if it turned out to taste anything like what I paid for it, I didn’t lose too much.

Once a junkie, Always a Junkie. I was in rehab for four years before I fell off the wagon. TOPS’ Banana Pudding ice cream has turned me out. Strong? I am, but I’m not. I thought I was. All those combined sweetnesses from one carton onto one tablespoon will always be my kryptonite. My self-control depends on supply. At this point, I can demand that the product stay well- stocked. Otherwise, my supplier can turn me on to another.

As long as I can’t find any Banana Pudding ice cream, it can’t find me. But, for now, TOPS is the place I could let change my face.

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