The Old Man Has a Date

After 74 years
No sign of a shower, though it may rain outside.
He can’t play like a child. The Ex took that away.

After the first encounter,
He never understood his errors. Even his housemates
succumb to his bullying tactics. Onto the next write-off.

Number Four calls him a stalker. He thinks it’s Love
And he is going to make her Love Him. Then, the airmail
breeds fire, brimstone, and handcuffs.

A new resolution calls for a different religious book.
God will bring him the perfect mate. He sees them all as
Perfect. They don’t want to see him anymore. The Ex gave him that.

The Ex took control.
Even after the divorce, now he feels free. He lies to himself
as his prayers go up, over, and out. She knows the truth and so does He.

The Ex took control.
He thought she was happy, after four kids. The Church pitted them.
The Church fitted them. Who or What does she hate more? She lives her truth.

43 years with the same person who wore pants.
He says it was out of Love. She wanted out and got out. Laugh, she does.
74 and trying to court the wrong religion.

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