Too funny not to Share!


Could Rod Serling truly be onto something?

Just who are those members of our biased society supporting the act of repeating a more hateful past?

Who are those who are pledging support for a candidate because they feel it’s time to show sexual diversity?

Would those who admit that there is a difference between “racism” and “hate” please raise both hands?  The right one justifies latter.

Can those who voted in 2010 to give total power to one particular party please admit to it, again, on national television?  Hopefully, some knowledge has been gained after they realized things only got progressively worse for themselves.

So, repeated business failures can qualify a candidate as a successful business man?  Apparently, the Better Business Bureau has spoken , but only the taken has listened.

The only thing colorful about any candidate, is the mockery they’ve made of themselves and the supposed country they were born in.

Is it true that “The Twilight Zone” can be bought?

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