The Professor

I am a flame
separated from the fire
Still, burning
for ever all   
Did I have to let go
before I opened my eyes?
Or was it their chocolate passion
that made me static?
I was in my eyes
long before you appeared               
And like a loose hair,
I only chose to lower my lash
Leaving it to release at its
own will
I did just that
When they grew longer,
I then squinted
carefully saw you
And looked left
Then right
For loose ideas as like my mind
The many looking in
the same direction
You were amongst great company
The scent of vanilla invaded us
like mold in heat
Apart, I pray you behave
as if no one can watch
Even if it is
for just one day, night, month            
Though I do look forward
to my yearly bonus
How else could I keep account
of my pristine virgin?

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