What Have We Become?

To every darkness,

There is a fright

Some evil doesn’t come out

Even at night

Voices, screams


Memories wished away

by better days dreams

I had a moment

of atonement

when a flash came and left

Not in my eye but on my cleft

I could not have been

like those caves of men

Did they remember acts of sin?

My meditation

was their trepidation

Their need to survive

was unlike my will to thrive

They perfected the slay

Though my parents taught me to pray

Those men took wood and stone

and made fire

If I said I was alone

I am called a liar

How could they make rock

into a wheel

Now, the sound of a glock

kills my urge to feel

I guess it’s true

They did evolve

Still, we don’t have a clue

how to get through a resolve

Everything and everyone

is not what it seems

If we could reach

the burning sun

Do we need anyone to preach

when all we want to do is run?

Maybe we landed

too soon on the moon

Because of all we’ve been handed

a needle is often served with a spoon

Does being present mean

being here and there

Awakening to the scent of green

pretending just to care?



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