Indulgence of Pity

Waited for You
While I cared for You then
You thought it was a game
Every time I brought you back
You thought it was my job
All because You told me
You loved me
And I loved You
You died so many times
Until I knew one of us
Had to live to tell the tale
Of how we both ended up
I prayed and dreamed
Of better days and nights
Then, when I became ill
I could only think about You
And I wanted to run
With my invisible cuffs and chains
Ringing in my ears
Until my vow upstaged
What I believed to be my Karma
A walking AA meeting were we
Though I wish I had trademarked
More like, Me versus You
You seemed to hold the patent
On me
I did the work
You got all of the credit
At least, I could wear cologne
And make others move closer
My personal eyesore
Made me sore
With every kiss,
It festered
With every promise,
It festered
With every pitiful indulgence,
I prayed for strength
Even after you got strong
And I was pardoned as a witness
Bound to be protected by Love
Real Love
I still hear Your cries, Your pleas
Now, those old ghostly chains
Have been replaced by headphones
Programmed to repeat new vows
“Love Yourself First”
Investing in my own pity

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