The Old Man in Apopka, FL

“Did he need remind them
Of his age and wisdom?
When the bones are frail and
The mind goes back, only then
Can they overcome age and wisdom
Even if blood should be thicker than water?”

Impoverished few
Though constructed into many
Not much you can do
When you’re in search of a penny

Apopka was always home
Just look at Phyllis Wheatley
Though police can make you unknown
And blood covers so neatly

He lived his life
Despite the color and strife
Eleven he made with his wife
Early years lost one to the clan
Karma caught up with them in a van
The beginning of the end of this land

Greedy boys
Who couldn’t see the sky
Craved for better toys
And willing to lie

Strutting with a cane
You could even feel his pain
Remember, he was old and wise

Deserving of his monthly check
Dressed like he had stacked the deck
He never favored the grandkids buys

Had they even looked for a job
Or just something to do?
May as well go ahead and rob
But when it’s one of your own
Who won’t throw you a bone
Get it done, but leave a clue

Laugh is what they did
Sheltering evil in the mind of a kid
Why should anyone else care?
Feeble needing his crutch
Only to stand and walk and such
Without it, why would he go out there?

The Black and Blue made their decision
Based on the deceased mindset
Never was there a revision
No one asked for permission
To challenge his condition
They still just didn’t care yet

It’s easier for a company to decide
The pain and the struggle
of someone else’s ride
Especially when it doesn’t hit home

Let’s just say he was confused
he tripped and fell, that’s why he was bruised
and then just call it a day
But the dead from the river does speak
Maybe in dreams, secrets do leak
Why was the cane left in the house, anyway?

     —A. True Story

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