The Day the Ghetto Died

The Day the Ghetto Died

On the day the Ghetto died
Malcolm X bowed his head
While Martin Luther King stood and cried

On the day the Ghetto Died
Some sat and sang a hymn
Others just sat and lied
Lied about what the white man did for them

On the day the Ghetto Died
Little babies ran through streets
While their mothers bowed their heads and cried
To see their children with shoes on their feets

On the day the Ghetto died
The bible was opened even wider
To thank the Lord for a bond to be tied
And to pray for it to be tighter

In front of the steeple
I sat and felt a drop of rain
I looked up despite the people
And saw Jesus rejoicing over his pain

The pain must have been great
For it came down like a herd of angry men
But then it stopped
And I saw the sky smile again

‘Twas the Day the ghetto died
all the great heroes rose from the dead
to spread the knowledge they once had to hide
to the souls whose hearts now bled

They walked in hundreds of thousands
Wearing potato sacks
And chains and ropes
I can say this – for I was there
And in unison they sang the most beautiful hymn

It was one I never got to write
Because I could only listen in solemnity
It was a song that made me frown
– one that gave me back my dignity

The tone sounded like it came
From the chain gang
But I couldn’t be sure if it was of
Rejoice or of pain

I walked around my beautiful home and cried
I looked and saw that I had everything money could buy
Then realized how little I had
But my ancestors had much pride

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