Dad ?

I’ve wondered about You

ever since I played  in my first baseball game

I swung and hit

as if You were watching


I thought about You

Especially when I remembered

the first time I scored a touchdown

I high-stepped  a tackler

as if I was jumping hurdles

I called out your name

when I was attacked by four

When I connected, He went down

Just like I would have

if I left Me like You did

I applauded You

by holding up my Diploma with Your last name

What a small price You paid for it

Taking credit for my credits

Though I left with Honors

I sang for You at my wedding

to show You I didn’t marry Mom

We have an understanding

that we’re in this for the long haul

and I’ve got to have Her back

I wish I could forget

by creating a better story for my kids

One that always has me ready, willing

and able

But most of all, Present

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