I Say to Thee…

Delusions of Grandeur, or not

Let me continue to feel

I can reach out and touch anything,

Everything at my will

If it is not pleasing, I can change it

I can change

As long as I can feel

I can belong

I can Be

Everything with my Will

And my grin

Can begin

To hold back the sin

That I can hold in

Should it be my mouth or my eyes

To abolish the lies

Told by the forlorn

Who wish they could be reborn?

In my Will

Will be everything

I wanted to share

Because of what I allowed myself to feel

In my grand scheme of things

Whoever is left will feel deluded

Not included

I could have belonged

But I wanted to Be instead

That is why I Say to Thee

I know I touched You

Without ever knowing you

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