Dark Black Man

Dark Black Man

The Mandingo Complex

Is now a thing of the past

Now, if you swing,

You’ll get the gun in your ass
Like a Lawn Jockey, you were a patron

Until no longer needed

The exclusive home you bought them

Screamed for redecoration
Dark Black Man

Money no longer talks without representation

Make up your mind

Window shopping is not permitted
Dare You try and gather for lunch or brunch

On a hunch

That you could crunch and seal a deal

Without a punch signaling a corrupt bunch
You don’t need the Sun

To prove you have Soul

‘Cause unlike just anyone

Nobody can play your role
Supposedly God-fearing

Because of your people

Funny how they’re always tearing

Like they just fell on a steeple
Practicing for acts of bondage

As prisons seek your draws

Do You even know how to pay homage

without a made-up gangsta clause?
Do You

But, Love You

Act out

But, don’t wild out
Can You smile

While staggering your swagger?

Knowing all awhile

You’re the target of a dagger?
Not all of your brothers

Were born in the South

Sometimes, You can’t tell by the mother

Who should have the bigger mouth
Will you learn to be gracious

Before you become a star?

‘Cause there’s a spot not too spacious

That’s driven to by a Black car
Dark Black Man

They named a chariot after You

Just too bad the flames can’t tan

When you’re so close to charcoal blue

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