The Last One On The Stage


It’s all been said and done
Everybody’s watching from home
Batted down having fun
Picture perfect
Phones on roam

There you are
Platform’s your’s
How does it feel being a star
Loser’s licking his wounds
Everybody can feel the sores

The gleam in your eyes
Proves you’re ready to turn the page
Where’s the truth behind all the lies
When you’re the last one on the stage?

You showed up to show out
Time for reality
Prepare yourself for the bout
All those pearly whites
Better blow winds of sage
Stay cool under the lights
Cause you’re the last one on the stage

Talk wasn’t cheap
Your role came at a price
Tall promises tales you better keep
Long after they throw the rice

All hail
The new king in town
It’s all yours to fail
Too many to let down

Before you lay your head down
Hope you can answer the question
Were you just a man about town
Or a real class-act in a qualified profession?

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