To Have You Back

I don’t want Gold
because I don’t want to be left out
You are already gone
and are never coming back
There is a brown belt
around my arm
that blends the piercing you made
From birth, You hustled me
Ambitious as You were,
I had to fend for You
All the dogs envied your collar
even when you wandered too far
Because they knew You belonged
with and for a purpose
The photo of You
was perfect in any spot
Like a sale at an auction,
no one could ever outbid me
And Fire Island hated my guts
You allowed me to beat them all
like a Drummer with my belt
Now, only the Privileged get to wear
your necklace as a choker
I don’t want Gold
because I don’t have shoes to match
the path we used to take
The bitches now bark
because they can’t see You
So, they growl at me

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