Only Caring About Ourselves

I saw you in my dream this morning

Because I couldn’t sleep last night
Being away from you keeps me boring
My mirror sees an awful sight

How long can this go on
Before I forget my own name
Should I just give in to the sin
Then, let you come back again?

Which one of us is really hurtin’
When it’s my soul I only think about
All this started with a little flirtin’
Now all we do is sit and pout
You brought me something I never had
Did I do the same for you
I think my mirror is mad
Because everything behind me is blue

You gave me a flower
After I planted the seed
I thought I had the power
But we both felt pretty greed

If only I never touched your soil
I wouldn’t have known how far I’d go
That old garden still in my heart needs a little oil
Before somebody else teaches it to sow

I wanna stop dreamin’
Mumbling your name
I wanna stop schemin’
Before I start placing blame
We’ve gone as far as we can go
And it ain’t going nowhere else
Letting our waters flow
Only caring about ourselves

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