Famous For All The Wrong Reasons

Sistah Girl, Sistah Girl
All light-skinned and long-hair
What’s your true purpose in the world
When your bank account shows more care?

You love to wear black
But can you speak with class?
Always late to attack
Just do a new video to show your ass

A man named Till
Wasn’t just the run of the mill
He died because of a whistle
But when you’re on stage
Is your name Sage or Rage?
Do you make his killers feel your bristle?

Stay prayed up, they say
All will be alright
Will there ever come a day
When you raise a black glove in daylight?

Are you living the American Dream
With a thriller at your side
Or are your insides ripped at the seams
Knowing all the lies about you lied?

Lyrical seductress
Anatomical sin
Thuggishly visible buttress
How can you be anybody’s friend?

Please don’t think you’re envied
There’s a place for you on the chopping block
Sometimes, the cuts rise before you bleed
Just to see the true worth of your stock

Soon, you’ll have to decide
To stand inside their House or run and hide
Let your name bring it down
Remember, it’s not all about a ball gown

What a pricey ticket You are
The embodiment of a star
Sistah Girl, why are you here
When you’ve made it so far but nowhere near?

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