All My Little Babies

I Love Them.  They Love Me.

Life and Plants

Help me to watch you grow
I know you may thirst
and that our eating schedule differs
but if you give me time,
we can make each other happy
Show me when you are in need
I promise to always be there
Maybe, I will be overbearing
and you will hold it against me
Conversations will be plenty
for I have much to say
If you stay strong,
so will I
Is it wrong of me
to expect otherwise?
Though I cannot change,
it is my duty to sustain your way
Should a room be filled with others,
never will you be neglected
Show me that I am loving you
the right way by expanding your horizons
You have been welcomed into my life
and that is what I expect for you to keep
if only you will stay with me

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