Disconnecting From You Through a Dial-Tone

Disconnecting From You Through a Dial-Tone

It hurt me to see your calling
Knowing I really couldn’t be there
You can’t see me falling
From the floor into my chair

I don’t want to make this a memory
I don’t want relive this dream
I want to keep my smile shimmering
Instead of ripping at the seam

How many “Sorrys” can I hear?
How many “I Love Yous” can I take?
How long must I live in fear
Before I ask myself if I’m awake?

Just to hear your voice
Every part of me wants to shiver
But now, I know I have a choice
To either stand up or deliver

I accepted you being cruel
Knocking me down without touching me
Even the telephone plays the fool
With a false sense of security

If I choose to pick up
What’s the message that I’m sending
Would I be pressing my luck
When it’s my soul I’m defending?

See this as a disconnect
Though my bill is paid in full
Maybe you’ll feel the new affect
Something new you can rule

The message should be clear
Even if you find me another way
In time, I’ll be able to cheer
Because of the dial-tone you get everyday

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