Did Mama?

Did Mama tell You who Daddy was
Or did she keep the secret just because
She could teach You better on her own
Was getting hit better than living alone?

You’d never know how hard it was
unless she told You
You’d never know she was tired
unless she showed You
But You would go on and live
because she’d mold You
As she told You
And never sold You
into a life that would disown You

Did Mama tell You why Daddy wasn’t in any pictures?
Did You ever wonder why she was so protective of the fixtures?
Did You always wonder why she liked to play games?
Did You ever think that was why she avoided being called names?

Did Mama ever tell You bad things about the Man?
There must be something good that You can understand
Did Mama ever tell You why she just took a chance
to not become another woman made from circumstance?

Did Mama ever tell You why she walks that way?
Or why she always prays You’ll see a better day?
Don’t forget to thank Mama for her smile
once You learn she made it all worthwhile

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