Love can make you pull away

In a year of expected strength
it was a college education that turned
and was laughed at by ignorance
Though popular by most
fairness lost out to jargon
Fearless Rights are now threatened
having to answer to an American Idol
Big Brother jammed the phone lines
while millions sat eating chicken riggies
Madonna’s lyrics are now felt
“Poor is the man whose pleasures depend
on the permission of another”
Wherefore art thou
Oh Blessed Nation of the United?
Even cameras favor their prized stock
whereas someone is bound to set a price
again for the indigenous herds
Careful utterances are now necessary
to not appear as arrogant or entitled
Though equal, Shame is close at hand
just to touch, caress, hold, or imagine
another’s near and dear
Or, for whatever reason
strange love meets a chilling stirrer
once the coat is retrieved from the closet
Without a scarf,
what is its purpose?
Who dares to compare what is true
when Love itself mystifies Hate?
Risking death for life
is a bet many cannot place
yet, the title has already been paid for

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