Can’t put a label on Growth

Some guys
They like to talk about their conquests
Some guys
Just relax with music fests
Some Chicks
Like to dress up and show out
Some Chicks
Just stare at the mirror and silently shout

When will they all get it together?
And realize they can be both
No matter the time or the weather
Don’t they know You can’t put a label on Growth?

Some boys
Hang out in the bathroom
Some boys talk big but feel gloom
Some girls
Fantasize about crushes
Some girls
Show hide their faces while others stay luscious

Don’t they know?
Will they ever know?
Some are scared to be both
‘Cause You can’t put a label on growth

Some men
Seek responsibility
Some men
Would rather swing from the highest tree
Some women
Don’t like their hair drooping in the glass ceiling
Some women
Crave having a child without the feeling

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