You Tainted the Waters

Did You taint the waters
of everyone who knows me?
Or have you made it with
everyone who knew me?

Tell Me,
What did it take
to make you realize
I didn’t care?
Was it the way I called your name
In our throwless passion
Or was it
The way we both tasted
other tastes of that someone changing us
Was it
the way I ran my fingers through your hair
when You got out of the shower
Or was it
the way we thought we took each others power
Tell Me
What did it take?

You tainted the waters
of the affairs I grew inside
You tainted the memory
of those who’d wish to forget their eyes
You tainted the sanctity
of the things we treasured best
And gave it up so willingly without any rest

I dipped inside
and cried inside of caverns so obscene
I laid the field
then played the field until it became unreal
I only pulled out
‘Cause there was a new route to come back to You

If it’s not about ME
Then, Who?

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