Schooled to Win

They took me to school
because they knew I was not from the Hood
I played by my own rules
and missed my opportunity
Each and every time I
stepped out-of-bounds
they took me to school
Although I became formidable
I was reminded of how I
could have been further ahead
if only I had stopped and observed
Everybody has a move to make
that lets us all win
But, it’s like poetry in motion
when it’s a seamless win
You can’t always go back
but You can go backwards
Keeping your eyes
graciously on the prize
won’t ruffle the boasters feathers
until they’re beaten at their own game
It’s like graduating with another degree
at a pace faster than the teachers
after being accepted without viewing my transcript
Once You know
so will they
Or, so they should
The score at the end
only tells the strategic story

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