Real Class?

A guy with an accent must have been offended today.  
I came upon a new friend today.  She was dressed so mannishly, I said, “My, You sure are quite Dapper today!”  But, before she could respond, a guy with an accent interrupted and said, “You know, when our President was young, he acquired the nickname, Dapper Don.”
I asked him, “Who is your President?”  He scoffed as if he sneezed and got into the elevator alone.  My friend thanked me for the compliment.  “I thought I would give you a little taste of the good stuff today.”  She could have given Annie Lennox a run for her androgynous money, or even Tilda Swinton for her “Fight the Power” attitude. 
I took the elevator alone when she felt she had the need to remind me that her entire outfit was from “Coach.”

She wasn’t at all like Dapper Don.  Dropping names saw this woman as classless.  She didn’t work.  And her past was suspect. 
Maybe, the guy with the accent realized he should have kept his mouth shut…just like me.

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