You bombarded me with my Dream
and made me feel it
I had already made it there
Cozy sparks enlightened me
as “Miles to go before I sleep”
made me see more
I needed more
I needed to be more
I needed to get out
I needed to escape
And, just when I thought
I was deferred
You bombarded me with my Dream
Like Michaelangelo you appeared
to defend me
my honor
securing my right to life
But your defense weapon was
not one of Peace
Pointed at me was your voice
Though your tongue was unlike mine,
never can You not distinguish ‘No”
If only You knew how small
I lived before
If only You knew that I felt I would
be sent back
I hope that I can at least
touch this great land but for a moment
and my dream won’t be deferred after all
Because as long as I can
continue to Dream
they have yet to be

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