God’s tears

It took the lights going out
for me to open my eyes
The rooftop looked really good
to see all I needed to see
They couldn’t tell I was home
because I was above it all
Everytime I read from the Bible
it rained on me
And I bathed in God’s tears
I talked all the time
though the deafness pained me
What once was was
There is no solid ground to walk on
I could fall at any moment
through the smallest of cracks
because that’s how small I feel below
At least on my back
I can always see the sky
instead of feeling it on my shoulders
I am free on the roof
as long as it is not on top of me
or until someone comes along
and takes it right from under me
I wish God would stop crying
so he can see my tears
I wish God would stop crying
so the pavement can dry

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