Drinking Buddies

It’s like I drink with You
Everytime we talk
You speak
and I find myself coaxing You
to believe your own words
just because I have a little time to kill
And, by the time we fade
I wonder why I called
Why are we together?
What is the point?
I try to be as authentic
as I can be
Given the circumstances
I want to check on You
Understand the reason You appeared
Wanting You to be there
no matter how infuriating You are
The smallest bit of your face
and I still see it
The yellow, the regurgitation,
The shakes, the tumbles,
The coding
Has 911 saved my number?
They must think I’m a real Pro
My expectations remain
just as quickly as the laughter falters
I want to stay with part of You
if only the other part never existed
I encourage your potential determination
but I also defend myself, when necessary
And while the jug appears invisible,
we enjoy swig after swig with each other
until It’s all gone
and we decide whether we can afford another
Sometimes, we can
Sometimes, we shouldn’t
Sometimes, we make promises
Sometimes, we wonder how life would have been

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