Where is the little girl?

45 years later
She is still in denial
Shout out, to the luckiest hater
Whose pain they never had to file

For what it’s worth
Maybe she never had a dream
Feeling like life had been a curse
And no one around to hear her scream

But, as she continued
She felt the wear and tear
A heart and brain battered and bruised
Better hide it in her hair

Where is the little girl
Who begged her mama to stay?
Where is the sweet talk
That never came the right way?
Where is the God
She cried to day and night?
Praying to Angels
To hold her tight

Having a child
Was the right thing to do
A chance of running wild
Not knowing what she was getting into

The more she wanted love
The less she felt desired
Sending out messages up above
As a Slave, she was hired

Where is the little girl
Who was barefoot five times?
Who sang along with the angels
But only four heard the nursery rhymes?
Where is the little darling
Who grew up way too fast?
Still trying to find herself
Still living in the past

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