Shameful Disgrace

Responsible for making me
into a feared commodity
All preconceived notions
Are often seen and not spoken
Not unspoken
because I am spoken for somewhere
I am felt by someone
I am loved when I am negated
I will be remembered in lieu of your
terrified, god-like, privileged nature
But, I am told to forget your rise
You are
For being ashamed of your shame
to see me as being a complete helpmate
Still, You involve yourself
with others who covenly wish for what
I have
Don’t You know light was made from darkness?
You fear Me?
I am a corporation, in my own right
I am a contractor, just because
With all that You have taken,
You deliver “A Job Well Done”
with a shot instead of a pat on the back
The strange Fruit walks upright
You are responsible
for the flight of my possibilities
I guess I made You that way

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