I believe

I believe
what I believe

I used to believe
that most of US
have overcome
thinking that my plans would work
thinking that my sensations
were valid
thinking that the powers-to-be
that they stood for the Good
of All

Believing that my eyes were deceiving me
and that I should become deaf and mute

I want to believe
somebody will take the reigns
of what symbolizes US
and break through the fog up above
and see how wide apart we are
amidst the flames started and thrown
to produce crimson and closed lids

In the name of our true Heavenly Father
not some deity who staggers Supreme

I shall believe
that Life isn’t what We make it
but who shall rise above the rest
as a pass or a favor
from members of the Upper Room
and for how long

Can I?
Should I believe
Life is like a television set
filled with options selected for US to
choose from
And never everything?

Yet, with control in my hand,
there go I with none

I do believe
that if I continue believing,
I may believe in more wrong than good
because my eyes can deceive me
and my legs won’t allow me to stand
after I hear what I choose to hear

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