Just me

I must have been asleep
When You kissed me on the head
After I prayed the Lord to keep
My soul from this burning bed

I must have been asleep
When You entered my best friend
Tried so hard to weep
But I just wanted it to end

What I first saw,
I guess, my eyes did deceive me
Never went by the law
In fact, who would ever believe me?

Me, just invisible me
The one who was only eye candy
Once you used all the thieves
Me, just me
Writing my name in small letters
Just so I could breathe
Me, just me
Me, me

I knew.
after the start
That I was headed for a door
Before my feet hit the floor
Never saw where I was going
‘ Cause I didn’t want to leave
Roses all around my soul
Who would ever grieve
For Me,
Just me
The one who wanted to spend my life
Living carefree
Me, just me
Oh, me
Who always had a pretty pair
That did matched my hair
This, me

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