You still got dat dolla
for me to make You holla?
And when you’re done
You go on home
raising questions in none
as to why you sit on foam
Morning, Afternoon
as available space
Evening comes, dare not spoon
Wishing now you didn’t have to save face
Should I not agree
to where can I flee?
Or what do I need to see
when it’s all about me?
You take without asking
You angrily rebel behind the masking
I satisfy your blood
with my impervious flood
At your beck and call
I sign your contract
I even pose as a doorman
Just so you can give me your back
What will I ever mean
to thee
Without the afro sheen
and smokable potpourri?
Did You write a spell
that would render me powerless
to kiss and Tell?
Hang me like a coat
along with the belongings of family and guests
Hang me in your man cave
so as not to ever publicly address
the fascination
the infatuation
the escape
Oh, hang me for that is your will
Hang me until I become still
For that is your will
after the thrill
is gone
There’ll be another to help you carry on
Eventually, I’ll find a new home
And when he wears me
it won’t be without a dome
I’ll stay hung
throughout my color fading
For the bell that rung
will always be a 10-star rating
For him
May your dollas turn to dollars
You dole out for handcuffs and collars
Just don’t get caught
paying for the lily-true enjoyment you bought
Sinfully, I know my place
I don’t really exist in your human race

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