Black Man, It’s all about you

It doesn’t matter what You do
You just have the wrong hue
You think they’ll finally get a clue
But, It’s still about You

You can give a lot to United Way
Still try to save for a rainy day
Even assist a woman with her food tray
Cross your heart and come what may

Speaking words with elegance
No matter how profound or the relevance
Shiny bracelets with malelovence
Pushed against a wall or a picket fence

Walk and smile in a pinstriped suit
You’ll be sized up for dirty loot
Challenge an existence that seems moot
Honestly hired, but feeling the boot

While others live life on stamps
You dream of trips and summer camps
Pulled over on roadblock ramps
Headlights become overhead lamps

Someday, You’ll have your day in the sun
Before that, You better learn how to run
Play the games, there will be a ton
Or settle for the chance to befriend a gun

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