The Thought of You

I descended from the stairs
and you saw me first
on even ground
Flashing those whites
Accepting all my wrongs for rights
How else could You pull me closer?

Standing up straight
I felt You
Your skin touched mine
I smelled You
Did You whisper something strong?
I heard You

On even ground
I found You
Halo and Horns
They surround You
Who would have known
that the thought of You
Holds back tears
In front of You

Flashing those whites
I’m hypnotized
I can feel your tongue
Between your cries
Oh, what a shame
That the thought of You
Not only in my head
I confound You

Is there a chance
to be alone?
Without You reaching
for your telephone?
Finally here
What do we do?
Before You leave
Let’s see this through

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