Dr. Doctor

Dr. Doctor
Won’t you help me, please?
You sent me off somewhere
That was just a tease

You knew
Without a shadow of a doubt
That I would return feeling blue
And that my mouth would pout

They must have been friends of yours
And the appointment was made so well
I guess I should have finished my chores
Before you told me to go to Hell

Dr. Doctor
You took an oath
To do no harm as a stocker
Yet you cut me like a loaf

What was the need of a blood test
When your mind was already made up?
How can I ever rest
Feeling the work you did was corrupt?

My trust was taken
Along with your hidden flaws
Dear Lord, was I mistaken
For not seeing your true cause

Dr. Doctor
Your home was brought to work
I heard your boyfriend was a clocker
But for you, he wouldn’t twerk

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